Feb. 12th 2015

This is my first mask.
It's an old aluminium pan for oven...
I've embossed it...


Jan. 15th 2015

I've done some new paintings for the art exhibition at " Bistrot de Venise" in Venice and the exhibition at "Buscaglione" in Padue.

kingmoon lalettera lentiggini polipolifemo eternobambino treweb

Feb. 23th 2014

Five new paintings.

buongiorno meseta emerald eternobambino lamialuce

Feb. 14th 2014

Personal Art Show.

On February the 21th , an exhibition of some of my works will be opened at the "Dispensa del Forte",

Via Forte Marghera, 60 - Mestre Venezia.


Feb. 5th 2014

New DRAWINGS section.

I've added it for posting my graphic works.


Jan. 26th 2014

Two new sculptures.

These are my new creatures.

ritrattosignora ritrattosignorapart lontanotot lontanopart

Here I am. Again.

Finally, my new website is live, although still under construction. Since the beginning of 2014 I can consider myself a "professional" artist: I quit my job to dedicate my whole time to paintings, sculptures and other stuff.